Welcoming our new intern - McLeod Communications
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Welcoming our new intern

Welcoming our new intern

We’re excited to announce our new intern this semester, Rachal Rowat. Each semester, we offer internships for college juniors and seniors studying public relations. Our interns have the chance to gain hands-on experience in an agency setting while learning what it’s like to work in the public relations industry.  
We caught up with Rachal, a mass communications major at the University of South Florida, to ask why she chose to study PR, what she considers a dream job and other fun facts. Welcome to the team, Rachal!

Why are you studying public relations?
I chose public relations because of an aptitude test I took my freshman year in college. There were so many majors to choose from, and I was so lost. The test showed I had strong skills in communication, leadership and writing. At the end, there was a list of different majors that were suited for my skills and traits. I started researching and stumbled upon public relations. It was a perfect fit.

What do you hope to do as a McLeod Communications intern?
Working for McLeod Communications will help improve my writing skills, gain knowledge about the public relations world and expand my connections for my future career. An internship will help me gain knowledge about the inner workings of a PR firm.

Why do you believe PR is important?
Organizations can benefit from public relations if a practitioner does their job well. Campaigns are a great example of how a company can benefit from public relations. Successful campaigns can improve a brand’s reputation, create awareness and increase sales. If a campaign goes wrong, on the other hand, then the organization suffers.

PR dream job?
My dream job is to be the director of communications for the daytime talk show Ellen. I have recently started watching this show, and it is humorous and entertaining. Ellen Degeneres is a comedian and a humanitarian. She gives back to so many people who deserve to be recognized and rewarded. Being part of something that creates so much joy would be amazing.

Fun fact about yourself?
I am left handed, but I play most sports with my right hand.

Interested in learning more about our internship program? Contact us at info@mcleodcommunications.com.

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